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"Knowledge is power"
                                                                                                 Sir Francis Bacon

 Education is a tool to promote connection, empathy and engagement.

Our Vision

We seek change through education and dialogue. Listening leads to understanding and understanding can lead to empathy. Empathy is essential for change because change almost always starts with a change of heart.


Latest Project

Who is thinking about America?

Many people are...

Howard Dean
Michelle Bradley
Jim Enote
Edward Lu
Jelinda Metelus
Logan Sy
Julisa Juarez

An American Democracy Project

America is at a crossroads. We live in a time of fierce debate about different visions for our country. As a nation we have been historically adept at reimagining and reinventing ourselves. We must do it once more. Yet there is much today that is unprecedented. We must therefore engage in new and creative strategies to meet our challenges. With this in mind, Linley Foundation is sponsoring  “The America I Want Is…” program—an ambitious social media initiative to invite Americans to listen to one another as a prelude to a national conversation about the country we want to be.

Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.
(Franklin D. Roosevelt)

A word from Linley Foundation President David Adams

The dialogue continues...


Linley Foundation began over 15 years ago by sponsoring educational programs in northeast Brazil. Projects included emergency housing, school infrastructure improvements, collaboration on a new health clinic, and a scholarship program for young adults to prepare them for the workplace. We also completed a number of animal rights projects. Our goals were to improve the lives of the animals themselves, but also as a way to teach children and their communities the importance of extending their personal circle of compassion to other sentient creatures.


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